Check-in luggage and hand luggage
The upper limit for checked-in baggage is 20 kg in Economy and 30kg for viva! Business Class guests, and that for hand luggage is 5 kg (maximum dimensions 55x40x20cm). One item of hand luggage per passenger in Economy class and two items for every viva! Business Class customer is permitted. One buggy or child seat per child (up to 2 years) can be checked in as baggage free of charge.

Please observe the new rules for hand luggage that have been in effect since 6 November 2006.

Excess luggage
Excess luggage costs an extra CHF 15 per kg for each flight. Detailed information can be found in General Conditions of Carriage (GCC).

Increasing the checked-in baggage allowance
For a flat-rate charge you can increase your checked-in baggage allowance from the usual 20 or 30 kg, depending on booking class, (Economy or viva! Business) by either 5 or 10 kilograms.

5 kg additional checked-in baggage costs CHF 20 per passenger per segment.
10kg additional checked-in baggage costs CHF 40 per passenger per segment.

You can get a discount of up to 50% on the official excess baggage fees and save yourself the hassle of the long waiting times to pay the official excess baggage fees at the check-in counter. This service can be registered either online or by telephone with our Service Centre up to 24 hrs before departure. The payment is made by a credit card at the time of booking. There is no refund, should the actual checked baggage weigh less than the purchased allowance. Should the weight of the baggage at the check-in counter exceed the obtained baggage allowance then the normal excess baggage surcharge of CHF 15 per kg applies and must be paid at the check-in counter.

Golf equipment
Golf luggage (one set of golf equipment including a pair of golf shoes) must be adequately packed. Golf luggage is transported within the free luggage allowance for free. If the free luggage allowance is exceeded a charge of CHF 15 per kg up to a maximum of CHF 40 applies. It is not necessary to pre-advise golf equipment.

Ski and Snow equipment
Skis equipment (a pair of skis, a pair of sticks and a pair of shoes), snowboards (a snowboard and a pair of shoes) must be be adequately packed. Ski and Snow equipment is transported within the free luggage allowance for free. If the free luggage allowance is exceeded a charge of CHF 15 per kg up to a maximum of CHF 40 applies.

Bicycles must be packed. Handlebars must be turned inwards and pedals must be removed. The packing is not provided by Helvetic Airways at the departure airports. A charge of CHF 40 per item and segment applies. There is a limit on the number of bicycles that can be transported on our aircraft. Prebooking is necessary.

Large sports equipment
Sports equipment which is larger than 150cm/59 inches is charged at CHF 70 per item per segment and must be pre-booked. Unfortunately wind surfing equipment can not be accepted for transportation.

Damaged luggage and lost luggage
Helvetic Airways is only liable for damages if they were incurred during the flight and if there is a valid carrier contract for the luggage.

Declaration of damaged luggage and lost luggage
The declaration of damage or a loss has to be made immediately at the destination airport with Helvetic Airways check-in agent. The agent will write a damage report and explain the following procedures.

What does belong in your luggage and what doesn't?
On you will find the necessary information about what you shouldn't bring on the plane.

Further Information
General Conditions of Carriage (GCC)

Information about Helvetic Airways

Helvetic Airways certified for aircraft maintenance
Since 27 November 2011, Helvetic Airways has been running its own maintenance operation at Zurich airport.
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